Facebook Group Shopping Events

If there’s one good thing coming out of this world event it’s how various industries are creatively leveraging technology during this period of social distancing. From Doctors diagnosing patients via video calls, to fitness studios offering live or prerecorded classes. Which got me to thinking about my retail accounts and how they, as in you, …

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Customer Service is Your Secret Weapon

Customer Service Is Retail’s Secret Weapon

Brick and mortar retail vs. online retail. We’ve all seen and heard the news stories, predictions, and studies. You know what? I don’t care what they say. Independent retail boutiques have a secret weapon: personalized customer service. From all the interviews I’ve done this year, it’s obvious that there’s room for both. And the existence …

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Shop Talk Haven banner

Shop Talk | Haven A Boutique

In Woodland, CA, there is a little haven for shoppers in need of a warm, friendly, and well-curated place to shop. Coincidentally, it’s called Haven A Boutique. And it’s owner, Rosemarie Leonardi, is a welcoming and very open Shop Talk interviewee. In fact, so much so I’m going to need a separate article to address …

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Photo Shoot

The Top 3 Photos That Your Business Needs NOW

Great photos are one of the top resources you should have ready to go at a moment’s notice. As a local business owner, there will be numerous opportunities that will call for gorgeous photos. Instead of scrambling to get it done last minute or submitting photos that are low quality (too dark, out of focus), …

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