Pinterest Shares the Most Searched Pins

After spending the week speaking with customers there’s one thing I heard over and over. “I don’t know what to buy next for my clients. I’m not sure anymore what they want.” Does this ring true for you too?  Then, in my inbox appreared a report from Pinterest: Pinterest Predicts. It’s their unofficial trend spotting report based solely on Pinterest searches. This is something they’ve done a few times and have predicted trends fairly successfully. So, considering Pinterest has over 400 million monthly active users who search over 2 billion times every month for ideas and products, that’s pretty powerful […]

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5 Practices To Set Your Intentions For A Bright 2021

If you’ve lived as long as I have, you’ve participated in every kind of year end recap or New Year intention exercise. Which, for the record, I love doing all of them! This year I’ve gathered some of my favorites to share with you. Plus I’ve included three books that have inspired either the mindset or the activity. Feel free to adopt one or all of them. Whichever you decide, do read the books! Accept and embrace today Life and business is an Infinite Game according to Simon Sinek in his book The Infinite Game. An absolute must read for […]