Nina's Recommendations

Marketing App Recommendations

Canva – create professional looking graphics for events, social media posts and more. There’s a free and fee based version.

Metricool – this is a social media scheduler. After you’ve edited your photos, upload them and arrange them they way you like. There’s also fantastic monthly analytics. Use my link to sign up for free. The free version is very good. Only if you decide to upgrade to a paid version will I receive a small commision.

InVideo – Video editing app I use to edit reels and videos. The free version is very good. There’s a desktop version and a mobile version. I use the mobile version which you can find in the App Store.

Facebook and Messenger – Make sure you have both on your mobile devices. Facebook private messages will appear in the Messenger app.

Instagram – The only way to post is on your mobile device.

TikTok – The fastest growing social media app.

What to get in your inbox

Management One – The leading provider of retail merchandise planning, business insights and education to independent retailers around the world.

Business of Fashion – This is a paid subscription but totally worth it if your in the fashion and beauty industries.

Steve Dennis – No non-sense, tell it like it is retail knowledge and insight. He “has over 30+ years of experience as a strategic advisor, board member, general manager and C-level executive at two Fortune 500 retailers. He has worked with dozens of retail, luxury, technology and social impacts brands to inspire, catalyze and design more remarkable and profitable growth strategies.”

MR Magazine – They gather relevant retail articles and share up to date industry news.

Podcast Recommendations

The Wealthy Retailer by Dan Holman

Boutique Chat by Ahsley Alderson

Smartless – This one is just for fun. You need to laugh today? This is the podcast for you!

Retail Platforms

Shopify – One of the best retail platforms out there. It integrates with email providers, most retail POS systems plus they have their own, analytics, order tracking, inventory tracking and so much more. Sign up for a one month trial period for just $1 per month with my link. If you decide to sign up with Shopify I may receive a commission.

Email CRM Recommendations

Flodesk – Get 50% off your first year using this link. 


Constant Contact