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The Top 3 Photos That Your Business Needs NOW

Great photos are one of the top resources you should have ready to go at a moment’s notice. As a local business owner, there will be numerous opportunities that will call for gorgeous photos. Instead of scrambling to get it done last minute or submitting photos that are low quality (too dark, out of focus), take the time now to set up a photoshoot. When that special sales event, fashion show, fundraiser, or interview comes asking for photos to feature you and/or your store, you will have perfect photos at the ready!

Top 3 Must-Have Photo List:

  1. Headshots of the Owner, the Staff, and any other Key Members – Clear, bright and sharp photos taken directly at eye level work better than soft photos taken from high or low angles. They exude confidence and approachability.
    Owner Portrait

  2. Attractive Photos of the Outside of your Store – The same clear, bright, and sharp qualities are important for photos of your store. Photos that include a little of the surrounding area not only helps customers recognize it when they arrive in real life, but also draw people in. Show off that curb appeal!  
    Shop Exterior

  3. Enticing Photos of the Inside of your Store – This is your opportunity to show off your merchandise as well as your personality! For that reason, make sure you have well-lit photos (no dark corners!) that show merchandise and some of your store layout. It creates a sense of familiarity and sparks the customers’ imagination for what else you might have in the store.  
    Shop Interior

Other photos you may want to get while you are at it: photos showing your local area, photos that you can use for your Instagram and other social media, photos of events, and photos of your products.

What Makes a Great Photo?

  1. The photo is well lit – You can use natural sunlight or position some good lights that don’t produce glare and prevents unappealing shadows.
  2. The subject matter is well staged – Make sure the outside and inside of your store is clean and presented in a way that you want customers to see you. For headshots, get your hair and makeup done and plan your outfits and pose angles.
  3. The photo is focused – Make sure your photo is not blurry and it’s focused on the subject. It’s best not have too many distracting items in the background. You can use a solid background or blur out the background so that the subject is in focus. Remember that resolution is important to producing sharp photos. A photo saved with low resolution can make an image look unfocused. This applies to logos, too.

You can hire a professional photographer for the day or half day to take these photos. I’ll bet there’s a few in your local area that have Instagram accounts. Do a search and check out their work then DM the ones you like. Perhaps there’s a local or student photographer that’s willing to trade their work to build their portfolio. You can also ask a friend or family member to help take the photos. Use a newer smartphone that’s set to “high-res” if you’re going that route.  Some of the newer phone models have “Portrait” mode which will automatically blur the background so that the photo is focused on beautiful you! 

I look forward to seeing your fabulous new photos soon!  Comment below if you need any extra tips for your upcoming photoshoot or let us know how it went.  


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