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5 Habits to Increase Facebook Engagement

Wondering where to put your energy and effort when it comes to Facebook? As the owner of an independent boutique your time is precious, so I’ve done some of the legwork to give you 5 habits you should cultivate to optimize engagement on your business Facebook page.

  1. Your posts should be a mix of 70% video, 20% image with text, and 10% link posts. That’s according to Mari Smith, a highly sought-after keynote speaker on social media and the Top Facebook Marketing Expert!
  2. To highlight that large percentage above, make sure to do more video. BuzzSumo shares that “videos get 59% more engagement and outperformed photos by 73%”!! Did you see our article last month on doing more video on social media?
  3. Mari also says, “For optimal engagement, strive to post 5-7 times per week. Posting more than once per day has not been shown to improve engagement.”
  4. Facebook users’ attention spans are short, so ideally keep the text length brief. Optimal video length is 3-3.5 minutes. This doesn’t mean all your videos should be 3-3.5 minutes. It’s not just about length but about how interesting your content is.
  5. The purpose of your videos is to “edutain.” Show them how what you do or offer solves a problem for them or makes their life/day better or makes them feel better.

Take a look at your business Facebook page and analyze your content and engagement. What is your current mix of videos, images with text, and link posts? Which of your posts get the most comments and shares? What could you change today that will help to build engagement on your page?

As with anything (a diet, skin care, working out) consistency is key. To save time and the stress of “what am I going to post today,” think about creating several posts at once so you have a bundle of content for the week. In fact, you can even create all your posts and schedule it for publication at various dates. You can do this by clicking on the drop-down arrow next to the “publish” button when you’re writing a post:

Don’t worry – you can always edit/manage them by visiting the Publishing Tools tab on your page:

Once you have posts scheduled, you’ll see a notice like this near the top of your page:

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