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Why are Social Media Trends Important to Retail?

Do you find yourself asking this question when a new trend pops up every 5 minutes (it seems)? Social media trends evolve constantly, whether we’re talking about the tech or how the consumer consumes it.

The trick is to be discerning as to which trends we adopt and which we leave for someone else to pick up. The point of social media for business is to gain exposure and build trust with our ideal client. If the current trend you’re considering does that, then great! But how do we know?


Start Here

Here’s a few questions to ask yourself to determine whether this is a social media trend you’re going to use or leave:

  • Is it relevant to my business?
  • Is it relevant to my customers?
  • Will it help my business grow (reach, views, sales)?
  • Will it help to educate my customers or target audience about my products or service?
  • Is it a priority to the platform?



A good example of a social media trend that everyone is talking about is Reels. A quick online search will tell you that:

  1. Instagram started Reels because TikTok was growing at a very quick rate. The goal was basically to steal eyeballs from TikTok’s platform.
  2. Instagram is prioritizing (read: rewarding with views) Reels to keep people on the platform.
  3. Businesses are increasingly on both platforms publishing short form video.
  4. YouTube introduced YouTube Shorts, and Facebook introduced Reels.

These facts all point to Reels being a good thing to adopt in your marketing strategy. So how do you do that?



Watch Reels and TikTok videos. Search for businesses similar to yours, and see what’s being created. Check how many views, likes, and comments these types of videos are getting. If there aren’t too many businesses like yours, that statistic doesn’t necessarily mean this approach is not right for your business. It might mean you’ll stand out.

This type of research is also good to help you get inspired about how to create short form videos yourself.

Is there a trend you’re considering adopting? Let me know if this post was helpful.


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