10 Apps I Use Every Day

Screenshot of my fave business apps!

Do you ever feel app overload? There are so many that it’s hard to know which will actually help you with your business. I work with a lot of people in the social media space and we talk about the apps that we find useful. Below is a list of 10 apps I use daily. Of course, there are more, but again, app overload! Some of them are free and others cost a few bucks. Let me know (tag me in a post!) if you decide to use any. If you have some you love, feel free to recommend them in the comments below.

1. Canva

Easy-to-use graphic design software that you can use through the app or online. It’s free or you can upgrade to Canva Work. With Canva, you can create beautiful graphics for your FB posts, FB Cover, Instagram posts, a banner on an email blast, a logo for your biz and so much more. They have both free and fee stock photos. I use this A LOT.

2. WordSwag

A beautiful app for text overlays. It has lovely stock backgrounds and gorgeous fonts that you can use for inspirational quotes, to make announcements, or just say something silly. Your posts will look haute and professional.

3. iScanner

I use this app literally every day to scan and email orders. Who needs a fax anymore? It’s totally mobile so I can send in orders from anywhere I happen to be. You can also export and import files from your DropBox, Evernote, Google Drive, etc.

4. Facebook/Messenger

Did you know you can manage your Instagram comments from your Facebook business page? Go to your business page and select “Inbox” from the top left menu. When your inbox appears, you’ll see three symbols at the top of the left column: the sideways lightning bolt, the facebook icon, and the instagram icon. Click on the instagram icon and your comments will appear! Cool, right? You can also do it from your mobile devices through the Pages app. Make sure you have Messenger on your mobile devices. Messenger and Pages are the only ways to message folks in Facebook from mobile devices. Bonus: you can make free calls and video chats!

5. Instagram

We are in a product-based business which lends itself beautifully to Instagram. Use the apps I’ve listed here to enhance your Insta-game. Your photos should be well lit, bright, and crisp.

6. Planoly

I LOVE this app. You can plan out your instagram posts so your feed looks beautiful and cohesive. You can even plan out the text and hashtags. Instagram does not allow outside apps to post directly to Instagram, but in Planoly, you can schedule your posts and the app will ping you at that time. Then you’ll simply cut and paste the text and post the photo to instagram. They also like to share tips and success stories.

7. Magisto

Ok this is a fun one. It’s a video editor and maker! Video is very important to keep your posts more visible in people’s feeds. Open the app, pick the photos, boomerangs, and mini videos from your library you’d like to include, choose music, a filter, and voila! Use this when you have an event or when you’re re-merchandising the store (opening boxes, hanging clothes, making pretty displays). People love to see what goes on behind the scenes in our business.

8. Tripit

Many of us go to multiple trade shows (and hopefully take vacations too!) and have a lot of travel plans to keep track of. This is an awesome app to keep all your travel info — flight, hotel, and activities — in one place. I use the free app and it’s sufficient for my purposes. If you decide to use the Pro version let me know how it is!

9. Color Story

Ok, I was just recently introduced to this photo editing app and I already love it! You can choose from over 100 really pretty filters or more than 40 effects to add to your photos. There’s a free version and a paid version. Naturally, the paid version unlocks more filters, effects, and other things, but I’m happy with the free version.

10. Snapchat

Truth be told, I’m not a snapper. I love the filters though! You can take photos, edit them, save them to your camera roll, and then post them on your social media channels. If you’re successful on SnapChat I’d love to hear what you do!

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