Facebook Group Shopping Events

If there’s one good thing coming out of this world event it’s how various industries are creatively leveraging technology during this period of social distancing. From Doctors diagnosing patients via video calls, to fitness studios offering live or prerecorded classes. Which got me to thinking about my retail accounts and how they, as in you, could also benefit from using technology in a new way to drive sales.

Did you know that when you post in a Facebook group everyone in the group gets notified? And when you go Live all the members in your group get notified too? Having a Facebook group for your business is a great way for you to create another sales channel by hosting Live shopping events while social distancing. 

Here’s how it works. Go to your business Facebook Page and Create your group. Give it a name that includes the store name like “(Store Name’s) VIP’s.” Then brainstorm topics to go live about. For example, feature new arrivals from a brand, feature a category like tees, accessories or other products to help them get through shelter-in-place, feature a quarantine care package or outfits for Netflix and chilling. Once you have about 10-15 specific topics come up with fun names for each one. Those names will be the title of your live videos.

Invite your customers via your email list and include the link to your Group page. Plan to do one weekly if you can. Commit to a specific day and time so you’ll be consistent. Then email your customers each week to remind them to join your FB group (include the link) to participate in the (name of your) event and tease them with a photo of what you’re featuring. Post in your group the day before you go live to remind them to tune in. Once you’re Live everyone in your group will get a notification. These Live events will remain in your group as a post after the event has ended. Customers can watch the replay and continue commenting and requesting to purchase until the items are sold out. 

What NOT to do in your Facebook group is use it instead of the feed. Your social media accounts grow your email list, bring awareness of your store to the public and increase foot traffic. It’s also not a replacement for your email list. Remember you don’t own the followers on social media. Everyone in your group should be on your email list. Both are necessary components to your marketing strategy. 

NOW is the time for us all to up our game on social media and get creative with the FREE tools available. This Facebook Group strategy is one you can continue post COVID-19. You’ll be a pro by then!

If you have any questions at all, hit the reply button on the email you received or comment below. I’m here to help. Don’t be shy!

PS That photo was taken at Facebook in London. ????